Kingfisher Pools Bottom Lake

The Bottom Lake

Kingfisher Pools bottom lake is fed by the top lake via a small waterfall. It is around 1 acre and stocked with carp only. A smaller number of fish live here but the rewards can be breathtaking, we have some stunning smaller scally fish which are fish for the future, growing at an incredible rate. However amongst these there are some heavy weights which include commons over 30lb, mirrors to 40lb and grass carp to an incredible 45lb.

Overhanging trees and a softer bottom, this really is a carp angler's delight, ideal for float fishing, 1960's style fishing at its very best. With underwater surgery having been carried out, the bottom lake is snag free. Average depth 7ft.

Visitors to this lake say it has a fantastic, mysterious atmosphere, you really are in your own little world.

Remember back in the day when you turned up at your local lake at 4:30am, and watched carp fizzing, clouds of mud rising where carp were heavily feeding, well Kingfisher Pools bottom lake is that place.

There is always something to see throughout the season, with a variety of wild flowers growing, a red kite or buzzard gracing the skies and even the occasional deer taking a graceful drink from the waters edge.